For Aliança Traduções, all documents sent by our clients are considered confidential,
from the time a quotation is given until delivery of the service. In view of this, all members of the team sign a confidentiality agreement as soon as they begin working with us. The same agreement is signed between Aliança Traduções and the contracting companies.
We also invest in tracing and blocking information, thus impeding unsuitable copies and ensuring maximum security.

Transparency and trust are our values.

When required, we also sign a specific confidentiality agreement with our Clients formalizing this commitment.


To deliver materials of outstanding excellence, Aliança Traduções has developed a complete work process that involves translation, revision and quality control, which permits us to provide clients with the highest quality and excellence – fundamental values for any translation, be it certified or simple.
Each stage is carried out by a specialized professional, ensuring that the work is completely accurate. We invest in professionals that are qualified in all stages of this process, and accordingly, we are well-known on the market for our efficiency, expeditiousness and personal treatment in serving our clients.

  1. Budget – Receiving the document – Preparing the quotation – Approving the quotation
  2. Preparation - Converting, Formatting, Assigning the Work
  3. Production - Research and Glossary, Specialized Translation, Revision, Finalizing
  4. Delivery - Delivery, Billing