Aliança Traduções is specialized in fast turnaround translations in the legal, corporate, financial, journalistic, academic, technical and personal areas in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and other languages. Our team of translators is highly qualified and experienced, with expertise that enables us to work with top-ranking Brazilian and international organizations as well as the largest law firms in the country.



Top-quality service!

Aliança Traduções is committed to performing translations with excellence, always observing the agreed timeframes, and is fully aligned with clients to ensure success of their projects.


The commercial, financial and operation areas also rely on qualified professionals, which ensures efficiency and expeditiousness from the time of price quotation up to billing.

Aliança Traduções develops a complete process for all work performed, which involves translation, revision and quality control. Each stage of the work is performed by a specialized professional to ensure that all work attains a high level of excellence.


Quality of the work is supervised by the firm’s founder Cristina Gonzales, who has large experience in the legal and corporate areas. A certified public translator in Portuguese and English, she is certified in translation by UNESP and by the American Translators Association (ATA), and holds several proficiency certifications obtained in England and USA. Cristina worked in the translation department of the law firm Pinheiro Neto Advogados for 14 years and in the law firm Barbosa, Müssnich e Aragão Advogados, where she obtained experience in translating complex legal documents. From the time she began her sound independent career she constructed a respectful portfolio of clients that includes the top law firms in Brazil and legal departments of large companies in Brazil and abroad.