Aliança Traduções, a solid company in the market, offers translation, interpretation, revision, text formatting, transcription, localization and subtitling services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and other languages. Aliança Team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals, and it daily serves top Brazilian and international companies as well as the largest law firms in Brazil.

Cristina Gonzales, the company’s founder, a well-known and long-standing translator on the legal translation market, closely follows-up on all the work.

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Performed by a qualified and experienced professional, this is a free, non-official translation (without legal value).




Performed by a certified translator (public translator), who is registered with the Commercial Registry of his/her state. A certified translation has legal value throughout Brazil and is recognized in the majority of countries worldwide.



Simultaneous interpretation becomes necessary when persons of different nationalities participate in meetings, lectures, conferences etc. The presence of an interpreter is required so that the public will understand the content that is being presented in real time.



Consecutive interpretation is slower and is ideal for smaller events. It has the advantage of using only one interpreter and does not require special audio equipment.



Text formatting consists of graphically organizing all the content to be disclosed in one edition and keeping it in the same format as that adopted in the original document.



Revision enhances the text, making spelling and grammatical corrections, checking for clarity and coherence of the wording and, when necessary, enriching vocabulary.



Subtitling permits a description of images and audios with texts that are synchronized with the video. It is often used in institutional videos, depositions, training programs and similar events.



Transcription comprises a reproduction of the entire content of the audio or video into written material. We transcribe the content of congresses, interviews, lectures and similar events.




With its highly qualified team, Aliança Traduções relies on a complete process for all work performed, comprising translation, revision and quality control. Each stage is performed by a specialized professional.



We have a strong connection with our clients and co-workers seeking above all to serve and provide all translations with excellence.



Quality control of the work performed by Aliança Traduções is supervised by the company’s founder, Cristina Gonzales, who has sound experience in translating complex legal documents and other subject matters.



All documents under the care of Aliança Traduções receive confidential treatment from the time quotation is given up to delivery of the document. All members of our team sign a confidentiality agreement.


  • “Thank you for the kind and efficient service.”

    Renato F. Rosa

    Pessoa Física

  • “I liked your service very much, it was quick and efficient.”


    Pessoa Física

  • “Thank you for the excellent and rapid service.”


    L.I. – Individual Entity

  • “Our trust in Aliança’s work was decisive when selecting your organization to provide these services.”



  • “Thank you for the efficiency and expeditiousness. In this regard, the last work you did for our firm was highly praised by our clients.  Congratulations and thank you.”

    D.F. – Honda

    Honda Estevão Advogados

  • “We thank you for the excellent services you have always provided.”

    H. R. D. - Barbosa

    Müssnich & Aragão Advogados

  • “Thank you for the kind and efficient service.”

    Renato F. Rosa

  • “Aliança Traduções has been an excellent and reputable partner, always serving us in an expeditious and trustworthy manner, ensuring excellence in all translations.”

    Gabriele Alves Barbosa

    Marketing at Trouw Nutrition



What is a certified translation?

It is an official translation performed by a certified or public translator, which is required for documents in a foreign language to have legal value in Brazil.
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What is the difference between a translation to Portuguese (Tradução) and a translation to English (Versão)?

In Brazil, there is the following difference: Tradução is a translation made from a foreign language to Portuguese and Versão is a translation made from Portuguese to a foreign language.
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Is the original document required for a translation?

Yes, to avoid setbacks it is necessary to submit an original document for the certified translation, mainly if it has seals and legalizations.
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What is a translator’s page (lauda) and how is it computed?

A translator’s page corresponds to 1,000 characters without spaces, including footnotes and text boxes, if applicable.
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